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We offer our partners outsourced field missions. If you are interested and want to become one of our partners, just use our form to contact.

We are always looking for more partners with talented and motivated profiles, so that we can meet all our clients' demands. The following is a list of areas where we are looking for profiles:


  • IHM specialist
  • Automaton installer
  • Experience with Schneider Plcs
  • Experience with Rckwell Plcs
  • Experience with Siemens Plcs


  • Specialized Supervision Engineer
  • Configuration of robots
  • Experience with ABB robots
  • Experience with Fanuc robots
  • Experience with Yaskawa robots


  • Developper J2E
  • Knowledge of Spring and Hibernate Frameworks
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with Angular.js
  • Experience with git, npm, svn technologies


  • Developper C, C++, C#
  • DBMS Programmer
  • Experience with NET Frameworks
  • Experience on core .NET
  • Experience with package manager NuGet

IT consultant

  • Operating systems
  • Component replacement
  • Experience in system cleaning
  • Experience in troubleshooting mobile devices
  • Experience in PC assembly/disassembly

Network technician

  • Network operation (VPN, firewall, iptables)
  • Knowledge of IP network architecture
  • Experience with SSH, SFTP, Telnet protocols
  • Experience with Linux distributions
  • Experience on CISCO and Juniper networks

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