The problem

Today we are in a world where everything is connected. In the manufacturing industry, it is important to have equipment capable of communicating together in order to better organize tasks. We want to have automated equipment to facilitate the work of the human operator. When manufacturing products, a reliable process with detailed production monitoring is required to ensure quality for customers.

The machines have defects that can lead to large sums to repair them but also costs related to the delay in production. It is therefore necessary to monitor production in order to ensure the smooth running of the process. The goal is to be able to intervene and stop the production process if a defect is found, to reduce breakage and therefore repair costs. This is why we must be able to predict the defect in order to correct it before it is visible.

With industry 4.0 ( today we are able to have an automated manufacturing follow-up thanks to the communication between machines. We are able to group the control of all machines on an interface connected to the enterprise network. We are talking about SCADA supervision and control. (

This technique has allowed us to take a big step forward on the control and supervision of the industrial process, it is not totally risk-free hence the presence of the human operator to make decisions. The machine informs about the state of the process and the operator decides what to do. However, the human being is not perfect, he can also make mistakes or respond to a problem later. The methods proposed today in the manufacturing sector are insufficient to guarantee a 100% yield.

These methods depend on the human operator’s ability to react, as they do not provide sufficient decision-making assistance.

At best, this forces the company to assign an engineer with advanced skills.

The Stakes: Evolution

These methods depend on the human operator’s ability to react, as they do not provide sufficient decision-making assistance.

We decided to stop separating the technological domains on the assumption that they have nothing in common. We chose to cut our lens into several views, each of which is associated with a discipline. And it is the work of the whole that makes it possible. Having expertise in multiple areas we deal with the problem from different angles which allows us to realize what other times was impossible

We want to develop complex but low-cost systems to stay affordable for our customers. We want intelligent but easy-to-use systems to reduce training costs.


Being a company of innovation and design Soft and Hardware,. all our products realized carry our brand CEAS©(Careca Embedded and Automated Systems). CEAS is the registered trademark of which Careca Services is the sole owner.

The field of evolution and growth

Our product and service offering evolves and bases its growth on 3 large circles

  • Optimized monitoring
    • Connected systems
    • Visualisation of the industrial procedure
    • Real time observation
  • Intelligence
    • Intelligent core
    • Predictive algorithms
    • Operator assistance 80%
  • Simplified apprehension
    • Intuitive interface
    • Voice interface (option)


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