Departement : ESA (Electrical Sopervisory Automation)
Service : Ingénierie et étude technique
Secteur : Manufacturing, Agroalimentaire, Aeronautique, Pharmaceutique

Industrial electrical engineering, from the study to the commissioning of the production tool. Located in the Marne, the design office works with industries throughout the Grand Est. Technical assistance of industrial electrical equipment: installation, compliance, spreadsheet, special machine.The design office monitors the execution of the works until the commissioning of the production tool by qualified study technicians.

Design of industrial electrical installations

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Definition of technical solutions
  • Compliance with and application of standards
  • ISO 10 012 / NFC15-100 / NFC13-100 / ATEX ...
  • Equipment functional analysis
  • Drawing of diagrams
  • Single/multi-line diagram
  • Manufacturing/Construction Diagram
  • Site / Mass / Network Plans
  • Control cabinete

From the study to the realization of the electrical installation

  • General electrical panel.
  • Distribution study.
  • Sizing
  • Energy balance
  • Set architecture
  • Earth Grounding Diagram: TNC, TNS, IT
  • Electrical compliance study
  • Revamping
  • Commissioning / Technical Assistance

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