Departement : WIE (Web IT Embedded)
Service : Editeur Intégrateur Informatique
Secteur : Manufacturing, Professionnels de services , Distribution and retail


You need a software integrator who can help you quickly deploy your ERP solution and possibly complete business solutions. You must be accompanied during the deployment by a set of services that will help you quickly achieve the best performance: training, consulting and possibly development teams to achieve this performance.All our professional services are organized to meet this goal of excellence. You will benefit from the personalized advice of our technicians and engineers. We have the expertise to support the full spectrum of our solution offering from a functional, technology and infrastructure perspective.


A critical analysis of your business processes will allow us to get the most out of your information system, while retaining the elements that form the basis of your competitive advantage. Our technicians and engineers make the most of the deployment of the right management solution for your business, taking into account your competitive environment. Taking into account the particularities of your company is integrated into a process of respect for standards and best practices We offer personalized services, directly assimilable and exploitable by your employees.


Dedicated product teams are responsible for improving your application solution by developing complementary management rules, customizations, integrations and data migrations.


Your applications can be hosted on dedicated servers or cloud by us and therefore be accessible from all your locations on national or foreign territory.


We carry out the analysis and study of your needs, provision of software (software), hardware (hardware) and cloud solutions. We perform wiring, installation and configuration on your computer equipment. We provide you with our assistance, support and support after commissioning.With our engineers, we offer you the production of analysis and operating documents, We also take care of the computer and network security of your equipment so that your data is protected

Software solutions

  • Installation, ERP configuration , BI et ERP (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP,Dolibarr,…)
  • Installation configuration, access management enterprise equipment with Active Directory
  • Microsoft server configuration installation (Microsoft server 2012, 2016, 2019,..), Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 8, 9,…)
  • Installation configuration SQL database and not SQL (MariaDB, MSSQL, PostGree, MongoDb,…)
  • Setting up the supervision of your IT equipment
  • Study and analysis of software needs

Hardware solutions

  • Maintenance of computer equipment.
  • Network system cabling and programming (switch, routeur, firewall...)
  • Replacement and support for computer equipment (with ticket system).
  • Advice and equipment orders according to your needs
  • Definition of IT hardware specifications

Cloud solution

  • Setup, Support and Configuration SaaS (Software as a services)
  • Setup, Support and Configuration IaaS (Infrastructure as a services)
  • Setup, Support and Configuration PaaS (Plateform as a services)
  • Setup, Support and Configuration Azure
  • Setup, Support and Configuration AWS
  • Management and configuration superviseur
  • Management and configuration virtual network
  • Study and analysis of cloud needs

Technologies used

  • Installation management configuration VMware ESXI
  • Installation management configuration OpenStack
  • Installation management configuration VMware Vsphere
  • Installation management configuration VMware VCenter
  • Installation management configuration VMWare Horizon
  • Installation management configuration Citrix
  • Installation management configuration service Windows Server
  • Installation management configuration service RedHat Linux
  • Installation management configuration service Mac OS
  • Management Azure
  • Management programming Cisco OS
  • Management programming Firewall
  • Installation management configuration Microsoft Rds
  • Installation management configuration Active Directory
  • Installation management configuration AD Manager plus)
  • Installation management configuration cybersecurity with AD Audit
  • Installation management configuration IT avec AD Desktop center
  • Installation management configuration ITSM (tickets)
  • Installation management configuration cybersecurity with Eyes Of network
  • Installation management configuration cybersecurity with Wireshark
  • Installation management configuration Server MSSQL
  • Installation management configuration LDAP
  • Vmware NSX Virtual Networking Setup and Configuration
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • ...

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