Embedded Sys

Departement : WIE (Web IT Embedded)
Service : Intégrateur programmeur systèmes embarqués
Secteur : Manufacturing, Professionnels de services , Distribution and retail

The mastery of fundamentals

Our team masters the fundamentals of embedded software. From understanding electronics and hard/soft integration to development/research. We master execution platforms and firmwares. Our expertise in system architecture and industrial interfaces make us the ideal professional for your projects. We offer real-time, distributed and fault-tolerant system expertise. We have expertise in communication protocol and supervision. Our knowledge of standards applicable to critical software and the practice of suitable methods and languages ensures success for your project.

Monitoring and positioning

Our goal is to monitor and position ourselves upstream on strong trends. We work with embedded Linux and its evolutions, Android, Meego and many more… We are in an era of mobile platforms, Hypervisor and virtualization, with us you are ahead.

Evolution and capitalisation

Evolve, capitalize, share and apply best practices with always looking for new partners to continue to grow.

Our competence


  • Matlab
  • Design engine control system
  • Production of PCB cards
  • Component welding
  • Design Digital & Analog Filter
  • Conception circuits de puissance
  • Structural diagram realization
  • Simulation
  • Drafting of functional analysis
  • Cost and feasibility audit
  • Agile method
  • Labcenter Proteus software
  • Autodesk product design


  • Keil IDE
  • Coocox IDE
  • Mplab
  • Programmation mcu DSPic
  • Programmation mcu Intel
  • Programmation mcu ARM
  • Infrared communication system design
  • operating under windows ce
  • operating under linux
  • Raspberry PI
  • Single Board computer
  • Arduino

Communications and Mobile

  • Communication design USB
  • Communication design I2C
  • Communication design SPI
  • App Development native Windows phone, Android, IOS
  • App Development mobile Cordova
  • System design RFID
  • System design BlueTooth
  • System design Ultrason
  • System design TCP/IP
  • Location system design
  • Data transmission system design


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