Departement : MER (Mecanical Engineering and Robotics)
Service : Etude, Conception CAO et assemblage mécanique
Secteur : Manufacturing, Agroalimentaire, Aeronautique, Pharmaceutique

We have a design office in mechanical engineering, specialized in the assembly of special machinery and tooling. We can also intervene on all types of projects requiring study and mechanical design (finished products, manufacturing machines, etc.).


  • 1) You explain your need
  • 2) We define together the specifications
  • 3) A review of your application is conducted
  • 4) We offer you a quote. If you accept our offer
  • 5) Design in line with specifications
  • 6) Presentation of the technical solution


  • Needs analysis and study
  • Construction of the mechanical system under CAD
  • Modification of the CAD diagram
  • Realization mechanical diagram
  • Simulation Mechanical System Animation
  • Assembly

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