Automated Sys

Departement : ESA (Electrical Sopervisory Automation)
Service : Ingénierie et étude technique
Secteur : Manufacturing, Agroalimentaire, Aeronautique, Pharmaceutique

The engineering of industrial automation (automation, robotics and computing), from the study to the commissioning of the production tool. Located in the Marne, the design office works with industries throughout the Grand Est. Technical assistance of industrial equipment and production traceability through industrial computing.The design office monitors the execution of the works until the commissioning of the production tool by qualified study technicians.

Industrial Programmable Controllers (PLC)

We work with industrial automata Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell and others with more than 5 years of experience. We wire and program ATMs with remote and local inputs/outputs. Our knowledge of network communication allows us to implement different communication protocols: HTTP/FTP (internet networks), TCP/IP (local area networks), MODBUS+ ETHWAY FIPWAY, CAN/CANOpen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, AS-i and others. We also work with human-machine interfaces for supervision, whether on the computer or remote (HMI screen). We use for supervision software such as Wanderware Development Studio, ArchestrA, SIMATIC WINCC, StructureWare and others.

Our strengths

Our database skills allow us to set up an automatic transfer to a secure local or remote database.Our website creation skills also allow us to set up a monitoring and control interface in a secure web format (website) that remains accessible from a long distance.


As a member of the OPC Foundation, we are also working on the development of our own industrial supervision software I.S.A.O (Industrial Smart Automation OPC) which will consist of an intelligence part and a command and supervision part. The objective is to make supervision smarter to better assist the operator and thus reduce human errors.

Our expertise


  • Automaton Rockwell
  • Automaton Schneider
  • Automaton Wago
  • Automaton Beckhoff
  • Automaton Siemens
  • IHM panel Siemens
  • IHM panel Schneider
  • IHM panel Rockwell
  • Communication machines speciales
  • Industrial cameras
  • Safety
  • Commande d'axe
  • Digitalisation usine 4.0
  • Siemens PLM
  • Installation, configuration, câblage
  • Supervision

Study and research

  • Matlab
  • DES (Discrete event system)
  • Uppaal
  • Réseau de Petri


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