Departement : ESA (Electrical Sopervisory Automation)

Service : Ingénierie et étude technique industrielle.
Secteur : Manufacturing, Agroalimentaire, Aéronautique, Pharmaceutique.
Contact : esa@carecaservices.com / +33 09 86 55 00 86

➢ Analysis and study of needs.
➢ Design and development
➢ Wiring and commissioning.
➢ Drafting documents
➢ Support and training.
➢ Factory digitisation 4.0

Automation systems

Engineering Automation, Robotics, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing (Supervision, SCADA)
➢ Programming of automata (Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens, …).
➢ Robot programming (Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa, Cobot, …).
➢ Programming configuration of cameras and other industrial sensors.
➢ Programming of HMIs (Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens).
➢ Creating electrical diagrams and wiring.
➢ Industrial non-contact communication Wifi, RFID, …


Industrial electrical installation design
➢ Definition of technical solutions.
➢ Compliance with and application of standards.
➢ Functional analysis of equipment.
➢ Drawing of diagrams (Single/Multi-line).
➢ Implementation/mass/network plans.
➢ Control cabinet
➢ General electrical panel.
➢ Distribution study.
➢ Sizing
➢ Energy balance
➢ Set architecture
➢ Earth Grounding Diagram: TNC, TNS, IT.
➢ Revamping.

Supervision (SCADA)

Software Engineering for HMI, Supervision, Communication System and DevOps
➢ Development for the platforms Linux, Windows et Mac.
➢ Cloud and local software design.
➢ Communication and supervision with multi-platform user-friendly interfaces.
➢ Security, data transmission (secure communication protocol).
➢ Artificial Intelligence (AI) software development.
➢ Development J2E(Java Server Faces, Spring MVC, Soap API, Hybernate, GWT, Vert.X, OpenStack, Java Gui, JPA, Maven, Angular.js React.js, TomCat, Jasmine/Karma, Docker, OPC SDK, GlassFich, ...).
➢ Development Dot Net(MVC Core.Net, MVC Framework.Net, NuGet, C#, C++, C, Json, Nhybernate, Spring.NET, Git, npm, svn, …).
➢ Dévelopment Python (OpenCV, ROS, Développement algorithmes avancés, Développement pilote de communication avec équipement, Traitement d’image et signal, Tornado, Flask, Django, …).
➢ Database Management System (MySQL, PostGree, MariaDb, MSSQL, NoSQL).
➢ Programming and configuration of MES systems, supervision/SCADA (Wonderware, WinccOA, …).
➢ Report Creation (BIRT, JASPER, …).
➢ Implementation of the industrial IT traceability system.
➢ Programming industrial PC configuration and server communication.
➢ Software Design for Industry (Java EE, dot Net, …).

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