As an emerging technology, the Internet of Things (Iot) offers promising solutions to transform the operation and role of many existing industrial systems such as transportation systems and manufacturing systems.

Our 2ITS solution (Industrial Internet of Things System) allows you to have a system of tracking, traceability and analysis of your production. All information from the sensors and alarms is sent to the cloud for high-speed processing. You follow in real time the path of each part in production with its registration. You know at all times the number of parts produced and their condition (good, not good, etc.). This makes your intervention easier. We are in the factory of the future, the factory connected.


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Our system communicates with all the equipment in your factory with the power of the cloud. It provides a dynamic global network infrastructure with auto-configuration capabilities based on standard and interoperable communication protocols where physical and virtual things have identities, physical attributes and virtual personalities and use smart interfaces and are seamlessly integrated into the information network.

  • 🖧 Type of communication
  • TCP/IP
  • module RFID
  • module Bluetooth
  • module 4G
  • module Profinet
  • module Smart sensors communication

Reliability and performance

Our system offers you portability unlike old methods. As the processing is done on the cloud, your various devices with limited resources (mobile, tablet, etc.) can connect and act as an HMI interface. Our system frees you from costly installation and updating processes, as everything is done automatically. It provides faster access to IT resources via a simple web portal. Our system guarantees you access and availability of services. It brings more security, which you do not have to manage.

  • Avantage
  • single use
  • Cost savings (no need to invest in expensive infrastructure)
  • High availability of services
  • Garanteed safety
  • Integrity of the data


Dr. Weiser’s (Rank Xerox) vision of a world with a multitude of devices working together to deliver value-added services is coming true. The number of connected objects is estimated at 20 billion by 2020, for about 12 billion today. From now on, pervasive environments and first services are created in living environments such as homes (Smart Home), buildings (Smart Building), power grids (Smart Electricity) or industrial sites (Industry 4.0).

The innovative part of our system is the decentralised and adaptable IoT object management with the Weiser method

We offer power with lightness and intelligence thanks to our algorithms

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